My ratings

I review all books honestly and take into account a couple of factors when writing my reviews:

1. How much did I enjoy it? – this is based on whether the book is well-written, how developed the characters are, and whether the storyline has some nice hidden surprises along the way

2. Was it an inspirational book that taught me something new about God, or myself?


Book review ratings

5 stars – I couldn’t put it down and I’ll read it again.

4 stars – A page turner, that kept my interest until the end. Could benefit from further development of characters or plot.

3 stars – Possibly a slow or predictable storyline, or some questionable content, but still worth reading.

1 & 2 stars – I don’t use these ratings as my reading list is too long and my time is limited such that I will only agree to review books that I think you will enjoy.

Photo credit: Image used with permission by and Apolonia.


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