I’m gingerly trying to get my writing mojo back after spending some time focusing on family and fitness (check out my other blog at

Here is  a short something I wrote the other day, based on a real life story. I hope you enjoy…


I ran into my bedroom and locked the door, the footsteps following closely behind me. I could hear them out there, the two of them. Their heavy breathing and fingernails scratching against the wooden panel that separated me from their ravenous fangs. I grabbed my phone from beside my bed and scrolled to find my mum’s number in the missed calls list.

“Hi darling,” she answered after a few rings.

“Mum…they’re at the door. I’m trapped.”


“Where are you, Alison?” she asked

“Barricaded in my bedroom.”

“Right, I’ll be there in thirty,” Mum replied, hanging up.

I waited in my room for her to arrive, the noises and wails from outside the door becoming unbearable. At last I heard the car pull in the driveway and footsteps arrive at the front door.

Wiping away the remaining tears, I unlocked the door, brushing aside my two toddlers to let Mum inside.

“Have you two little monsters been giving your mummy a hard time?” asked Mum. She leant over and kissed my cheek, then told me to go have a lie down. Mum had arrived, everything would be okay now.


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