Where have I been?

Hi everyone,

I’ll try not to make this one of those blog posts where I apologise for how long it has been since my last post. Yes, it has been quite a while though, so I thought I’d give you an update on what I’ve been up to of late.

Study – This year I began a Graduate Certificate in Management as part of my career development (for my day job). I am really enjoying the course, although there is a lot of reading, which has meant less time for writing – I’m missing it!

Writing – In between my exams and assignments, I’ve been devoting most Friday nights to writing. ‘Double Pursuit’ is coming along well. I’m in love with the characters and can’t wait to finish so I can share them with you too. It has been a different experience to get inside the head of someone who has lost a husband way too early – I’ve found myself shedding a few tears while writing. I am still aiming to finish the book so it can be out before Christmas. I’m also looking out for some good cover designs that will fit well with the book.

Positive reviews are still coming through for my first two books – ‘Second Chances’ and ‘Trust Me Twice’ – ‘Second Chances’ has almost received 500 reviews!!! I am amazed how God is using my ‘experimental’ book to help people find their way back to him. I could never have imagined this when I first started writing it almost three years ago.

I have a backlog of books that I have read, and now just need to find the time to write reviews for. I will try to get to these over the next few weeks before my next subject starts.

Personal life – I’ve just come through a couple of weeks of illness (cold & flu related) – it’s that time of year in Australia! However, on a positive note, a few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a women’s retreat at my church where we talked about the parable of the seeds that fell on different soils. I was challenged to tend to my soil to make sure I continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus, and to make sure I pull out any weeds that start to grow. It was great to spend a whole day singing praises to God, hearing from God’s word, and talking with godly sisters in Christ. My husband and I have also just started leading and hosting a church bible study group together, which has been fun.

I’m really enjoying the stage of life that my kids are at right now. They ask such perceptive and challenging questions, and they still think that I’m awesome (which feels great when I’m having a low day). It is such a privilege and responsibility to lead these little ones, and I feel so blessed.

Thanks for your ongoing support in my writing journey!
God bless,


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