Book review: ‘Kisses From Katie’ by Katie Davis

From the back cover: 


Katie was a normal American teenager when she decided to explore the possibility of voluntary work overseas. She temporarily ‘quit life’ to serve in Uganda for a year before going to college. However, returning to ‘normal’

became impossible and Katie ‘quit life’ – college, designer clothes, her little yellow convertible and her boyfriend – for good, remaining in Uganda.
In the early days she felt as though she were trying to empty the ocean with an eyedropper, but has learnt that she is not called to change the world in itself, but to change the world for one person at a time.
By the age of 22 Katie had adopted 14 girls and founded Amazima Ministries which currently has sponsors for over 600 children and a feeding program for Uganda’s poorest citizens – so it is no wonder she feels Jesus
wrecked her life, shattered it to pieces, and put it back together making it
more beautiful than it was before.

My review:

This is an amazingly inspirational book about God’s care for all people in the world and about one girl who abandoned everything she had in order to follow the call God had on her life. The book reads like a letter (in fact, parts of it were taken from her blog) and I couldn’t help but be affected by the descriptions of the poverty of the Ugandan people, eg families of eight sleeping in mud houses the size of my kitchen, sleeping on rags contaminated with human and animal waste. Katie’s love for the Ugandan people is very evident, only outdone by her love for God. Rather than it being a book about her, it is a wonderful testimony of God’s love and his blessings, which we are often blinded to by the comforts of western society.

Although she points everything back to God, it is hard not to admire the woman herself, who gave up college, her family and her boyfriend to move across the world, caring for 14 foster children (whom she is in the process of adopting) and starting up a non-profit ministry to sponsor children to go to school, giving them food and medical care. She also opens her home to strangers and visits the sick and outcast, sharing her lives with them. God is using the ministry of Katie, her children, and Amazima, to transform many lives. This book has inspired me to make more of a difference in the world, to care for the orphans and the poor, just as Jesus commanded his people to do.

Thoroughly recommended for any Christian who desires more from life.

Rating: 5+ out of 5 stars.

Click on the image below to find out more about how you can support Amazima ministries.



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