Book Review: ‘Road Trip to Redemption’

Summary: Brad Mathias and his wife Paige are shocked to the core when their teenage daughter reveals a terrible secret. Reflecting on this incident, they both learn important lessons about being godly parents. Brad has always been a nature lover and God plants the idea in his head to take his family away into the wilderness on a road trip. At first, he dismisses the idea – who would be crazy enough to take 3 teenagers away for 2 weeks, confined to the inside of an SUV? But he proceeds with the plan and the family enjoy a wonderful time of re-connecting with each other and with God.

My review: I really enjoy reading ‘real-life’ stories about people who have come through difficult times by trusting in God. Road Trip to Redemption was one of these books.

The first half of this book explores the relationships between Brad and his wife, and between both parents and their children. As a parent, I got a lot of out of this section of the book – especially the reminder that my parenting shouldn’t be dictated by fear, and that we witness the most to our kids not by what we say, but how we back it up with our actions.

The road-trip takes up the second half of the book and made me long to go to North America and Canada to experience the beauty that is described (without the tornadoes and potential to meet grizzly bears!).

The book deals with serious topics, and is a cross between a parenting book and a travel blog – It was different to other books I’ve read and I enjoyed it. I especially liked how open the whole family was about their struggles and the way God has been working in their life. It was quite inspirational. I also enjoyed the photos scattered throughout the book.

Some reviewers have criticised the book saying that not many families in the US could afford such a trip. Others have said that the road-trip was too ambitious and too dangerous. I didn’t get the sense that the author was suggesting this kind of trip would suit everyone – it is really about spending quality and quantity time with your family, and taking time-out to enjoy God’s creation.

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishing and NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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