Trust Me Twice by Alison Stanley

I have been so touched by the reviews I’ve received for my book ‘Trust Me Twice’ – here is what reader Sherrey Meyer has to say…

Found Between the Covers

Trust me twiceFrom the day they were born, Alana and Zac were best friends, until an incident on a school camp causes Alana to push Zac away. Ten years later, Alana returns to her home town of Oakley and runs into Zac again. He is now a famous TV star and super-cute, but can she forgive him for hurting her all those years ago? While stranded alone with him in the middle of a natural disaster, she is forced to decide whether she will open her heart and trust him again.

(Image and summary from Goodreads)

* * *

Trust Me Twice is a lovely coming of age story which blossoms into a reconnection of two people who were best friends from the moment they breathed their first breaths.

Alana and Zac did everything together growing up.  They each felt as welcome in the other’s home as they did in their…

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One thought on “Trust Me Twice by Alison Stanley

  1. Alison, it was my pleasure to review your book and hope that you are inspired to continue with your writing and publish more books for me to review. 🙂 Thanks for the reblog!

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