Spiritual wake up call

People often say to me “I don’t know how you do it”, but the truth is, I’m just really bad at saying ‘no’. The past few months in particular have been really intense. My daughter started school, which has been a whole new experience; my workplace has undergone a reform and I now have a new boss and new staff to manage (plus a workload I can’t delegate just yet); I released a new novel in February; I completed a theological subject at Bible college; and I’ve served on various church rosters, as well as leading a Bible study group.

I had a wake-up call the other day that made me realise how much this ‘busyness’ has been pushing God out of my life. Bible reading had become a chore on a Tuesday night to prepare for Wednesday morning Bible study. My prayer life wasn’t much better, with my brain only focusing long enough to ask for my daily wish list and not pausing to reflect on God’s goodness. As a result of not spending time with God, my feelings of guilt and anxiety only increased, but thankfully, God, in his grace, grabbed my attention.

Therefore, in order to improve the health of my relationship with God, I have set a few goals for myself for this year.

Here they are:

– use a Bible reading guide to read through the Bible in one year

– read one Christian book per month and jot down what I’ve learnt. This month I’m reading ‘Respectable Sins‘ by Jerry Bridges (highly recommended)

– memorise one Bible verse each month. My verse for this month is ‘So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God’ 1 Corinthians 10:31

Hopefully by spending more time in God’s word, my prayer life will become less about my plans, and more about God’s plans.

I’ll make sure to post updates now and then so you can see how I’m progressing against these goals.

Do you have any personal goals to improve the health of your relationship with God this year?


5 thoughts on “Spiritual wake up call

  1. Wonderful post, Allison! I’ve been taking Yoga Therapy with a professor here at Nazareth, and it has helped me to pause throughout the day and open my mind to God’s word, guidance and perfect love. Along with that, a recent retreat (see my blog post) at a Benedictine Anglican monastery reminded me of the “Rule” of St. Benedict: “Listen intently to the instructions of the Master and attend to them with the ear of your heart.” Listening is becoming a habit 🙂

  2. spending more time in God’s word, my prayer life will become less about my plans, and more about God’s plans Thank you for posting this Alison, I’m struggling in exactly the same way. Bless you my writerly friend.

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