Interview with author Teresa Lilly

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to author Teresa Lilly.

Me: Hi, Teresa. Could you start by telling us how you got into writing?

Teresa: When I was a child, I wrote a poem and ran home from school and read it to my mother.   One of the rare times in my life, she complimented me and said, “Someday you could be a writer.”  That began my dream.

Me: That sounds like a very significant moment in your life. Since then you have written novellas and short stories for both women and children. Where does the inspiration for your writing come from?

Teresa: God first, but mainly just sitting back and allowing thoughts to run through my mind. It’s funny how a whole story will actually work itself into my thoughts … But it takes a long time for me to write it out.

Me: Thinking about all the books you have read (or written), who has been your favourite character, and why?

Teresa: My favourite all time book is ‘The Enchanted Barn’ by Grace Livingston Hill. The main character is my favourite because she is willing to take the risk of moving her family out to live in an old barn … to help them get well and healthy, at the same time living a life for God. I only wish I could be as good as her.

Me: What writing projects have you been working on lately?

Teresa: I’m excited that the Sheriff Bride series was completed at the end of last year.   I wrote the original Sheriff Bride, Sam’s story, over two years ago, but I never felt compelled to write the other three sisters stories myself, even though I knew they needed writing. So I asked a few other writers to work with me, and Brooksie Cox, Cheryl Williford and Joi Copeland stepped up. Each one wrote one of the girl’s stories based on my thoughts and their ideas. I feel so happy that all of these are done. Now I’m thinking about a Sheriff Bride Christmas story, bringing the girls all back together. I am also putting finishing touches on my story ‘Orphan Train Bride.’

Me: That sounds great. Now for my final question, if you had $5 to spend, on just yourself, what would you buy?

Teresa: I don’t usually buy things for myself just for fun, except for a massage once a month, but if I had to spend it on myself I think I would buy some sponge candy.  They make it in New York, but don’t sell it in Texas … Ah the memory!

Me: I had to Google what ‘sponge candy’ is, but it looks exactly like what we call honeycomb here in Australia. Very yum. Thanks so much for joining me Teresa.

The Sheriff Bride series is available on Amazon and from other e-book retailers. Click on the images below to view these books on Amazon and read a free sample.

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