Today I’m a guest on Rosie Amber’s blog 🙂

Rosie Amber

Alison joins the blog today as my guest all the way from Australia. I love meeting all you writers from across the globe. Here are Alison’s replies to my guest post questions;

Comment: Hi Rosie. Here are my answers to your questions…

1) Name: Alison Stanley
2) I live in Sydney, Australia
3) I only started seriously writing about 18 months ago – since then I’ve self-published two short books and I’m loving it
4) I enjoy writing inspirational romance for young adults and teens
5) Tips 1-Find some beta readers who will give you honest feedback, 2-Stay away from clichés in your writing, 3-Don’t give up – there is a commonality amongst all good writers – perseverance.
6) ‘Fast Forward’ by Juliet Madison, a fellow Aussie author. I highly recommend it – five out of five stars. Very funny and inspirational.
7) My latest book is Trust Me Twice. You…

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