Should Christian girls read Christian romance?

Ever wondered if Christian girls should read Christian romance? – Rachel Coker shares some great insights


Ugh. A topic that I am both dreading and dying to talk about. Obviously, this is something that both interests and impacts me personally, as a popular YA author in the Christian market. I’m also a teenage girl and huge reader, so this is a topic that has come up probably a million times among my friends. So obviously I’m going to have opinions on the subject and I figured it’s about time I wrote about it!

So this is the great debate: Should Christian girls read “Christian” romance novels?

(I guess you could add guys in there, too, though I’ve yet to meet a teenage guy who likes reading romantic fiction, although maybe they do and they just don’t like to admit it. Who knows?)

I have heard both sides of this argument. Some of my friends argue that unmarried Christians should have absolutely nothing to do with any…

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