‘Trust Me Twice’ Release Date: Thu 21st Feb

Hello everyone,

I am excited to let you know that my book is finally polished and ready to go. My book will released on Thursday 21st February!

TrustMeTwice12I’m really looking forward to sharing my next book with you – my characters feel so real and I hope you enjoy them too . It’s a daunting feeling putting my writing out into the world again, but I have learnt a lot about myself and about God through this book and I hope it inspires you too.

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Trust Me Twice

* * * * *


 This excerpt is from one of the earlier chapters in my book. Alana and Zac are both 15. Alana’s sister Hannah is 13 – you may remember Hannah from my first book ‘Second Chances’. I hope you enjoy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Alana watched from her bedroom as the removals van slowed to a stop outside the Whitehouse’s place, brakes squealing.

“What are you doing?”

Alana turned away from the window casually, but there was no fooling Hannah who stood in the doorway with her arms folded. Alana knew she’d been sprung.

Hannah laughed. “Is he cute?”

“Shhh. I don’t know. I haven’t seen him yet.” Alana adjusted her position at the window and the bed springs twanged as Hannah knelt beside her.

Minutes later, a white station wagon pulled into the driveway. Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse climbed out first and walked to their front door. She heard another door shut and a teenage boy emerged. Alana only got a brief glimpse of his face, but she guessed from his dark brown hair that it was Zac.

“Turn around,” she whispered.

As if hearing her, Zac turned and glanced up at the second-storey window. Alana shrieked and ducked her head, knocking Hannah off the bed. Her sister landed with a loud thump on the wooden floor.

“Girls! What are you doing up there?” called Mum from downstairs.

“Nothing.” Alana shot her sister a warning glance. “Don’t say anything to Mum.”

“I won’t. That hurt.” Hannah rubbed her head, the pain stifling her giggles as she left the room.

Alana took another peek out the window, but Zac had gone.

Later that afternoon, she crept down the stairs into the kitchen, feeling sick to her stomach. Mum had invited Zac’s family over for dinner and Alana had spent the last hour emptying her drawers, trying to decide what to wear. She had finally settled on a pair of jeans and a pink hooded jumper that she thought complimented her dark hair and brown eyes.

When she reached the kitchen, she saw Zac in the living room talking to Anthony. If only she could run back upstairs and hide in her bedroom all evening.

Mum spotted her. “Alana, you remember Zac?” There was no hiding now.

Zac turned at the mention of her name and she finally saw him face to face. She’d forgotten how clear and blue his eyes were. His dark brown hair was short around the sides, and he must have used gel to make it stick up at an angle. The whole effect worked.

She traipsed towards him, aware of Mum’s not so subtle gaze. It was all so awkward. She smiled, trying not to reveal her braces. It was a skill she had perfected over the past year.

“How are you?” He grinned back at her, revealing two rows of perfectly straight white teeth.

“I’m well, thanks. Welcome back.” The shakiness in her voice made her feel even more nervous.

“It feels so strange to be back here again. It doesn’t seem like much has changed.”

“What’s it like being back in your old house?”

“My bedroom seems so small now and I’d forgotten that I was obsessed with the solar system when I lived here.” His eyes moved animatedly as he spoke.

She laughed as she remembered Zac’s old bedroom with the navy walls and glow-in-the-dark stars. It certainly wasn’t a teenage boy’s room.

“I can help you redecorate if you want.” The words tumbled out of her mouth and she cringed at how eager she sounded. Stay calm, she told herself, you don’t want to scare him away.

“Really? That’d be cool.” He smiled a movie star smile at her, his white teeth flashing, and she felt tingles rush through her body.

She sat opposite him at dinner and stole glances at him during the meal. He caught her staring a couple of times and she quickly lowered her eyes. She wondered what it would be like helping him with his room. It was the kind of thing she enjoyed doing, having only just redecorated her own bedroom a few months earlier. Dad had shown her how to use the roller to make sure there was an even coverage of paint. She was pulled from her daydreaming when she became aware that Zac’s mum was asking her something.

“I’d love to see some of your work,” she was saying. Alana wondered what else she had missed.

Luckily Dad came to her rescue. “Alana would love to show you her art portfolio, Molly. Wouldn’t you, Alana?”

Her face glowing, Alana trudged up the stairs to fetch her sketch pad.

Zac’s mum flipped through it carefully, admiring each drawing. Zac and his dad peered over her shoulder while Alana tried to look elsewhere.

“These are amazing Alana. Look at this detail.” She lingered over one of the pages, her mouth open.

Alana leaned forward to see. It was a black and white drawing of Zac as a boy, holding a small frog in his hand. She had sketched it a few months ago, on her birthday.

“Wow!” Zac looked impressed. “Did you draw this from memory?”

She nodded and smiled. I never forgot about you, Zac Whitehouse, she thought, finally looking him in the eye.


2 thoughts on “‘Trust Me Twice’ Release Date: Thu 21st Feb

  1. Congratulations!! I am so excited for you! This book is amazing. You capture the depth of the characters and God’s faithful love and forgiveness. Trust Me Twice is a definite must read!!

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