You can’t please everyone

I recently started offering my book Second Chances for free on Amazon. The main reason was to build up some interest in my writing before I released my next book. I was also hoping that some of the readers might leave a review to let me know what they thought of my first book.

Well, since listing my book for free about 2 weeks ago, close to 2,500 people have downloaded my book on Amazon … AND I got my first negative review. 2 stars 😦

I knew it would come. So many writers have warned me that to be an author you need to have thick skin because you can’t please everyone, but I have to admit that it has shaken my confidence somewhat.

Since I began my writing journey, I’ve always said that even if I bring joy to just one person through my books, it will mean that it’s been worth it. I know of at least a handful of women who have been encouraged by characters in my books, so I just have to keep reminding myself of this and not let the negative comments eat at me.

I’m interested in hearing from some of you other writers out there who have also received negative reviews – how did it make you feel, and what kept you going?


9 thoughts on “You can’t please everyone

  1. Don’t worry – you have worked hard and produced your novel – fantastic – and just think,
    there’s the potential of another 2,499 readers being totally thrilled by your story – good luck!

  2. One negative review is still better than no one reading your book at all! Be thankful you have readers, I’m sure everyone else who read it has loved it. Good luck with your new book!

  3. Don’t take notice of the critical tone of the 2 star review. Use the comments proactively & grow your skills despite those negative people who like to belittle. (Was that correct grammar?) I loved your story & would have rated it a 5 star but couldn’t find how to vote on Amazon. I would love to see a sequel where Rachel & Steven develop their relationship & Rachel completes her degree & specializes in Remedial teaching, follow Steven’s degree & see how they & Hannah & Tim end up carreer wise.

    I can see another epic series develop where both couples start new generations with God’s leading in all their lives & next generation face life’s temptations with God in this world. A new book for each child.

    I loved how each person committed their way to the lord. I loved how even in their pain God still gave them peace.

    • Thank you so much. I’m really touched that you would take time to let me know what you thought, and I’m glad you liked my book. It’s comments like this that keep writers going. God bless you

  4. I just read the book last night – free from Kindle. First I want to commend you on stepping out and writing. I always have stories but am too chicken to put it on paper! lol Over all I think it was a good story but I am going to give you honest feedback – take it as you will… I do wish there was a little more character development. I dont feel like i got to “know” them. I dont even remember if you described their physical attributes – like hair color. Did Trent have a dimple? I know he did in my mind πŸ™‚ What was the town of Oakley like? Was there a favorite coffee shop or hang out? Was Trent in love with Erin? I just wish I could have gotten to know the characters a little better. I think the book seemed a bit choppy with the way chapters were separated. Maybe with a little more description of people & places it might have flowed a little better. It was a fast read for me. 1.5 hours. I’m not sure I would pay to read the second one – to be honest. I was surprised it was going to be a series. I think the concept was great and encourage you to continue to do what you feel God is calling you to do. For a first book it was good. God bless you – you have actually inspired me to try writing. You are handling criticism with great grace & I hope you do not think I am trying to be mean.

    • Hi Heather. Thanks for your constructive feedback. It’s not always easy to hear, but I am definitely applying the learnings from my first book as I write my next one. All the best with your writing and thanks for the Amazon review πŸ™‚

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