Interview with Lynn Sly – author of Hillary’s Angel

One of the things I love about being part of the writing community now is meeting other writers from different places across the globe.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Lynn Sly from South Africa. Lynn has recently published her book ‘Hillary’s Angel’.


Me: What made you decide to become a writer?

Lynn: I never “decided” to be a writer. I’ve always written, since I was a little girl. But I’m first and foremost a reader. Reading is what I live for. I studied journalism at university and worked for several newspapers (briefly) before settling down with a house journal and then moving on to editing for educational institutions and setting up my freelance business. It’s only now that my children are independent that I have been able to think about getting my books published.

Me: I like that you think of yourself first and foremost as a reader. I guess that is pretty important when it comes to writing books – you need to write what readers want to read. Where does inspiration for your writing come from?

Lynn: It sounds corny I guess, but my inspiration is people and animals I meet. And great stories. On occasion when I’ve been asked to write about subjects I know nothing about, I read, read and read until I find something that inspires me — a story of courage maybe, a whimsical anecdote, or a personality I can “fall in love with”. Also on the subject of inspiration, about once a quarter, I put together a publication called the “Mustard Seed” for my church, and I maintain it “writes itself”. Can you relate to that? Sometimes things just “come” to us and all we have to do is pass them on. Simple as that.

Me: I love the sound of that. There have been a couple of times for me when inspiration has hit and my fingers have typed away without even thinking much about what I’m writing. It’s as if I’m just a channel through which the words make it on to the page. Okay, here’s another question for you – Who has been your favourite character and why?

Lynn: That is a difficult one! In fiction I’d have to start with AA Milne’s Piglet, because he epitomizes bravery. But if we’re talking about reality, I have to admit becoming obsessed with most of the characters/people I write about. I think my true heroes are “ordinary” people you meet everyday who overcome incredible obstacles. But when I have disappointments, it’s also comforting to remember that Christ never wrote a single word.

Me: You have released a Kindle e-book recently – “Hillary’s Angel”. In a couple of sentences, can you tell me what your book is about?

Lynn:Ok, here goes — Hillary’s husband unexpectedly recruits an unusual young man as an assistant on their farm. Although Raphael seems to present the answer to her prayers, is he really the angel she believes him to be? This novel is about children who are “different” – the ones who don’t make their developmental milestones on time, or ever. It’s also about morality and being a woman in South Africa. It’s about dilemmas and confusion and love – not just romantic love. It’s about uncertainty and ambivalence. And angels. Despite its themes of hope and resilience, this book is only recommended for the brave.

Me: Thanks for your time Lyn. It’s been a pleasure getting to know more about you and reading your book.


If you enjoyed this interview and would like to purchase Hillary’s Angel – click here to go to the Amazon store.


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