Not a dog person

My family and some of my friends may know I am not a dog person. I used to love dogs when I was a toddler and then something changed. I think it might have been when I got nipped on the nose by the neighbour’s dog. I still have a small scar next to my nose from that incident. Ever since then, dogs have not been my friend. As a child, my dislike was fairly extreme. My heart would race when I saw a dog coming along the path with its owner, even if it was on a lead. Mentally I would plan an escape route in case the dog broke free and decided to come at me.

Nowadays I have managed to curb my fear of dogs – my parents and my in-laws have dogs, so I’ve had to learn to adjust. But I still don’t like them. Why do they always want to jump up on me, sit on my lap and lick my toes? And that doggy smell makes me feel ill.

I was writing my novel the other day and I came to the conclusion that my main character is a dog person. Noooooooo. It is funny how characters can become so real when you’ve been living and breathing them for months. I would prefer her not to be a dog lover, but I know in my heart that she is and I can’t change that.

So now, at least for a few months, I have to get over my dislike of dogs for the sake of my character. I’m just hoping my character doesn’t develop a fondness for snakes…

(Apologies to you dog-lovers out there)


One thought on “Not a dog person

  1. Know what you mean. Not about not liking dogs (I love them) but about characters taking on a life of their own. Thank heavens they do, or we’d all be writing autobiographies nonstop!

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