Reading after writing

I recently found out that one of my favourite authors has published two new books. Excited, I ordered my copies from the book depository. Usually it takes about a week for the books to arrive, so in the meantime I thought I’d read some of the earlier books in the series while I was waiting.

Unfortunately, now that I’m writing, I find it very difficult to focus on the story. I keep looking at different aspects of her writing, like her use of descriptive language, dialogue, sentence structure and punctuation. It is frustrating I can’t just lose myself in the story like I did the first time when I read it.

Has anyone else ever had the same experience? Can you ever enjoy books in the same way once you become a writer?


One thought on “Reading after writing

  1. Yes, in a lot of books that’s exactly what I experienec too šŸ™‚ I compare my writing, I edit the other book in my head… The only thing I can do is push those thoughts away while reading… And if it’s a really, REALLY good book I can lose myself anyways šŸ˜€

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