Word count poem

It is after 10pm and after spending a couple of hours on my novel tonight, I’ve only managed to write a couple more hundred words. It wasn’t this hard to get words down on a page with my first novel. I was averaging around 1,000-2,000 words a night. This time around, the word count is becoming my enemy. I decided to write a poem about it – it is a bit out-there, but I hope you enjoy it.

Word count

Word count

O how you torture me

Reminding me of words not yet written

Of how far I have still to go

You cause doubts to rise

Patience to run dry

Cowards will run and hide

But I will survive

I will defeat you, enemy

Though it may take some time

Word by word, line by line

Eventually I’ll win

I will have the final word


I’d love to hear your ‘word count’ poem – 100 words or less ;P


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