Dealing with self-doubt

One thing I’ve struggled with in the last 8 months since I started writing is self-doubt. I ask myself the questions: Am I any good? Will anyone want to read what I write? Are people just saying they like my writing to be kind, but they really think its boring? etc…

I’m really self-conscious when I write. I even cover the screen of my laptop with my hands when my husband walks past so he doesn’t read out random sentences (which he likes to do now and then to tease me). They always sound so corny when he reads them out of context!

So, how do I deal with self-doubt?

Step 1: Don’t put pressure on myself. I didn’t start my writing journey to become a successful author selling millions of books. Hopefully I might get a book published one day, but the best reward is hearing that my stories have brightened someone’s day.

Step 2: Read a book. It’s amazing how many books I now read and think ‘I can do better than that’. It pushes me to keep honing my writing skills.

Step 3: Persevere. As I keep writing, I find I get lost in the story again and my self-doubt disappears.

I hope this helps all you other self-doubting writers out there!



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