Top 5 Excuses for Dating Non-Christians

I wrote an article a few years ago called ‘The Top 5 Excuses for Dating Non-Christians’. The idea came to me as I was reflecting on what the Bible says about relationships, plus thinking back over my own life experiences.

Christians may use many excuses to justify dating non-christians. Some of the top ones I’ve heard (and used myself in the past) are the following:

  • Excuse 1 – But it’s not like we’re going to get married
  • Excuse 2 – But how else will they be exposed to Christianity?
  • Excuse 3 – But they say things are cool with them and God…
  • Excuse 4 – But they have higher morals than most of the Christians I know…
  • Excuse 5 – But there are no decent or attractive Christian guys or girls around… (and I’m not getting any younger).

The Bible doesn’t talk about dating (it wasn’t how things were done back then), but there are many biblical principles that can be applied to dating relationships.

To find out why these excuses don’t stack up, read my article here.

While you are there, check out some of the other writings of Christian authors on

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